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Really awesome form plugin. Had a small problem, contacted the author and within the hour is was solved. Just love the things you can build with this form. I bought superforms drag&drop with the calculator. Fantastic combination. Keep up the good work

Rene30 @ Feb, 2017

I have trailed few other popular form builder from codecanyon but I found SUPER FORMS is the best form builder out of all with fraction of the price. Arthur 's response to support is very helpful and in timely manner. You be amazed the type of forms you could build with SUPER FORMS, just imagine and SUPER FOMRS will bring your dream come true without zero coding. Outstanding software, Highly recommended to all. I will give 10 out of 10 as i could not find any flaws in the software and its author.

ppun @ Jan, 2017

Best form plugin I've used so far. Thank you for the support you also provide for this plugin.

ignitebrandmarketing @ Jan, 2017

great support. creator of this plugin is very helpful. keep up the good work. from all the other plugins, i think this is the best in terms of feature availability. hope theres a lot of addons soon!

ArtzapStudio @ Feb, 2017

This form builder is fantastic, and super flexible. The customer support gets an A+. Twice I contacted the creator with odd questions that I thought were probably unique to my use case. The first time I got a response right away. The second time I got a response right away *and* the form builder had just been updated to have the very database functionality that I was hoping to use! I can't recommend this form builder enough. It's user friendly if you're not a programmer, but sophisticated enough that if you know what you're doing, you can customize the heck out of it. I would give this a 10/10, but there's only a 5 star rating system, so 5/5!

divadarling @ Jan, 2017

Needed a drag and drop plugin that was easy to deploy yet flexible and scalable enough to handle the complex requirements of integration with an uncommon payment gateway. The plugin developer has been super prompt, patient and plain amazing with the support I needed to get it all done. You will not regret paying for this, trust me, I tried about 12 other form plugins, even paid for WPforms. Just get this. Save yourself the time and energy.

ebbstar @ Jan, 2017

Super clean code, Very Noob friendly and Customer Support is phenomenal! Without a doubt - best Form Builder on CodeCanyon.

SocoTechJay @ Dec, 2016

Very fast reaction time (when in need) takes a lot of stress away when you know (even in the evening) there is a fast solution for an issue :)

YourDutchMediaCom @ Dec, 2016

Plugin works flawlessly when configured correctly and the support team was fantastic. I had quite a few questions about how certain functions worked and the response was always fast and professional. Wonderful plugin, will buy again if needed.

inersche @ Dec, 2016

Before buying this plugin I tried a few others. I did a LOT of research. There is nothing at all like this plugin on the market. It's flexible, does nearly ANYTHING you need, the code quality & design are excellent. Support has been there for us when we didn't understand how to do some things. We're very, very happy with this purchase and recommend it to anyone looking. Really excellent work. One of the best of many purchases I've made on CodeCanyon & ThemeForest.

mattult @ Oct, 2016

This Plugin is indeed feature rich! This has become our new favourite advanced form plugin. We especially like the Conditional Formatting features and the flexibility of the many options each form item has. For advanced, customisable forms, you can't go wrong with Super Forms! Also, the reply to support queries and comments are super-fast aswell! Well done Feeling4Design!

frabie @ Oct, 2016

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Check out one of the awesome features the plugin can provide you with!

Drag & Drop

Fully Responsive

Conditional Logic


600+ Vector Icons

24+ Elements

Column/Grid System

Storage & Export

SMTP Server

Multi-Step / Multi-Part

Spam Protection

No Page Refresh

Cross Browser

No Programming Required

For Developers