With this plugin you will be able to update your current subscribers and add new subscribers to a given listing within your MailChimp account. Not only that but you can also allow your subscribers to even update their current interests. Of course, you will need to have groups setup for the selected listing! This however is an optional feature and is not required. If you have groups setup, this Add-on will automatically retrieve the so called interests.

Within your settings panel you will get an extra tab named “MailChimp”.

On this page you will have to fill out your MailChimp API key.
If you don’t know where to find this key, you can read the About API Keys from the MailChimp Manual website.






When you have setup your API key correctly we can move on and create our Subscribe Us form.

First make sure we are on the Create Form page where we can create a new form.



We have 2 options. The easiest option is to Load the existing MailChimp form that we created for you to make things easier.
To do so, click on “Examples” at the bottom right. This will display the dropdown where you can select the example forms. Forms you have created before will also be listed. In our case we want to select one of the MailChimp examples. To cover all possibilities we will be selecting the “MailChimp – Subscribe with interests”. After you selected your desired form hit the “Insert” button.


The page will refresh, and a new form will be saved with several fields. If everything is setup correctly, you will get notified that the List ID is invalid.
This is because you did not yet setup the List ID. To setup the List ID we will be going to edit the “MailChimp” field.
To do this, click on the pencil icon:


You will notice that the “Element Settings & Options” tab will become visible and all it’s settings will be loaded.
In this section you will be able to change your List ID. If you do not know how or where to find your List ID make sure to read the Find Your List ID provided by MailChimp on their Manual website. Besides this setting we have 2 other important settings, that you can change depending on what you prefer.
The option “Display Interests” can be set to Yes/No. If set to “Yes”, subscribers can choose from interests that belong to your List. When an existing subscriber submits the form it will update their interests accordingly. If it is a new subscriber the new subscriber will be added to the List.
Another option is to send the MailChimp confirmation email, after the form has been submitted.
After you have made your changes click the “Update Element” button.



When all of the above has been completed, and no other changes need to be made for your form, you can click “Save” to save all the changes.



Last but not least, grab the shortcode and put it anywhere on your website!