Front-end Posting

Plugin description

With this plugin you can extend Super Forms to create forms that allows anyone create content from your front-end and publish posts, pages, products, forums, topics or any other custom post type. Custom meta data can also be saved with ease! We have included 6 demo forms to get you started.

Requires Super Forms v1.2.5 or higher.
The following demo forms are included:

  • Create WordPress Post Simple
  • Create WordPress Post
  • Create WordPress Page
  • Create BbPress Topic
  • Create BbPress Forum
  • Create WooCommerce Product
  • (any suggestions are welcome!)


Getting started:
To get you started we have included 6 ready to use example forms to choose from.
Select one that suits you best, and start editing it, delete or add elements on the fly.
Below you can find a list of all possible field names that you can use within your form.

Default field names:
– post_type
– post_status
– post_title
– post_content
– post_excerpt
– post_format
– tax_input
– cat_taxonomy
– tags_input
– tag_taxonomy
– post_status
– post_parent
– comment_status
– ping_status
– post_password
– menu_order
– post_date
– post_time
– stick_post
– featured_image

More information about the above options can be found here wp_insert_post()

WC options:
– product_type
– product_shipping_class
– product_downloadable
– product_virtual
– product_visibility
– product_featured
– product_stock_status
– product_manage_stock
– product_stock
– product_backorders
– product_sold_individually
– product_regular_price
– product_sale_price
– product_purchase_note
– product_weight
– product_length
– product_width
– product_height
– product_sku
– product_attributes
– product_sale_price_dates_from
– product_sale_price_dates_to
– product_price
– product_downloadable_files
– product_download_limit
– product_download_expiry
– product_download_type
– product_url
– product_button_text
– product_upsell_ids
– product_crosssell_ids
– image_gallery
WC product variation options:
– product_attributes_name
– product_attributes
– product_attributes_is_visible
– product_attributes_is_variation
– product_attributes_is_taxonomy
BbPress options:
– _bbp_topic_type
– bbp_subscribe

Available settings:

When the add-on is installed and activated it will extend Super Forms with some options for each of your forms.
Below you can find out what options are available.
Some of these apply to creating the new post. And some of these can also be overridden with your field elements.
A simple example could be that you would want to let users publish pages, but they should all be published under a specific parent.
This way you will have full control over how your content is being created!