Know the answer to these 12 questions before app development

The development of a mobile application can undoubtedly aid the startup to reach new heights of success. However, firstly, you must ask yourself one of the most vital questions – “Can an app benefit your startup?”

When you can answer this question honestly without being influenced by external factors, you can consider other factors. It is pertinent to keep in mind that there is a significant investment that you will have to shell out for the app development process.

Before you contact the best mobile application development company, you need to ask yourself some questions.

Questions that startups need to answer before going for app development

Simply wanting to develop an app because others are also doing it is an unwise decision. That is why you need to think about these questions before you make any major decision. Check out some of these questions listed here.

Question 1: Why do you want to develop a mobile app for your business?

This is the foremost question that you need to answer. If your answer is anything but a good reliable strategic step, then discard the idea immediately. Remember that developing the taxi app development solution just because you think it’s the latest trend is an unwise decision.

Instead, think about how the app can benefit your target audience. Moreover, it would be best if you also gave some serious thought about the future of the app and where you see it going in the future.

Question 2: Did you conduct a comprehensive study on the market?

You must research the market extensively before even thinking about consulting any mobile application development company. Firstly, you need to decide if the users will appreciate the launch of your mobile app.

After that, you must study the competitors in the field. It will offer you a wealth of information on what to adopt and what to avoid. You must either provide unique solutions or better services than others.

Question 3: How to make sure that you can maintain confidential information?

Having an idea and sharing it with other interested individuals is not a faulty notion. However, at some time, you must stop and think about safeguarding your intellectual property. While discussing the app can solve different issues, you can over-share.

That is why NDA or the Non-Disclosure agreement is so crucial. Until you get the third party to sign it, you must only share non-proprietary information such as budget, platforms, timeline, etc. That way, you can share the generic information with potential stakeholders.

Question 4: What makes your app stand out from the rest?

This is one of the most vital questions that you need to ponder. Keep in mind that there are countless apps in the different app stores. Your taxi app development solution must be better or different from others.

That is the only way you can gain the attention of the users. Moreover, the answer to this question can have an impact on the future of the app. You must research the target audience and be honest with yourself.

Question 5: Which platform do you want to target?

There are two varieties of platforms – Android and iOS. You need to decide the type of platform you want to build the application on. In most cases, startups seem to prefer the Android platform. It is due to the extensive reach of the Google Play Store.

However, iOS applications are easy to develop. As per research, iOS customers spend more when it comes to apps than Android app users.

Question 6: What is the timeframe for the completion of the app?

You must have the answer to this question before going ahead. Generally, creating an efficient, high-quality app can take anywhere between 4-6 months. That is why you must take the estimated time frame before opting for any taxi app development solution.

However, the time range can vary depending on various factors. These include the number of essential features, the application platform, the functionality of these features, and the team of developers.

Question 7: How much will be the total cost for app development?

It is pertinent that you know the total cost before giving the signal to the development company to proceed. The price estimation can vary depending on various factors such as the application platform, number of features, and the nature of these features.

Determining the budget for the project is a daunting task. You need to research the market and talk with several development companies. Generally, the cost is in the six-figure pocket. 

Question 8: How to raise funds for the app?

Now that you have estimated the cost for hiring a mobile application development company, you need to collect the money. For that, you must look out for possible investors. Pitching is one of the best ways to grab the attention of angel investors.

Your pitch must have a comprehensive outline of the app. It should mention the possible chances and offer solutions to overcome them.

Question 9: Can you prevent your app from failing?

Yes, it is possible to prevent the taxi app development solution from failing. Various factors can influence the success rate. For instance, developers must provide ample attention to the marketing aspect. If you do not promote the app, chances are people won’t notice despite having excellent features.

Another thing that businesses need to understand is the emotional aspect. It would be best if you kept aside emotions such as stubbornness, possessiveness, etc. If a feature is not working, leave it out.

Question 10: What must be the frequency of updates of the mobile application?

Generally, you must release at least 1-4 updates per month for the mobile application. It would be best if you asked about future tech support from the mobile application development company.

However, the number of updates can vary as it depends on the user feedback. Keep in mind that you must continuously track the performance of the application. If you do not fix the issues, it can hamper the popularity of your app.

Question 11: Do you have a functional website?

In most cases, businesses usually have a website before building an app. You must ensure the integration of your site into the application. Also, you must ensure that using the app or the website is easy. However, there must also be remarkable differences to make each of them unique. That will ensure the online traffic for both the tools.

Question 12: How to identify the key stakeholders?

While there may be numerous stakeholders in your taxi app development solution, you need to find out the major ones. It is vital to ensure that you have priority. That way, you can easily know how much information to give. Moreover, it would be best if you also gave enormous thought before dismissing anyone as unimportant. Make sure that you observe their influence and then take decisions accordingly.


Before approaching a reliable mobile application development company, you must think carefully about developing an app. For this, you must dedicate a substantial amount of time and conduct extensive research. Keep in mind that while digitization is the key to prospects, you also need to observe the stage of your company. 

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